Baby Mindful


About Baby Mindful

Baby Mindful is a franchise, developed by a team of psychologists, teachers, and therapists.The classes provide experiences which stimulate and calm babies while helping their development, confidence and awareness.

Each session is based on a nursery rhyme, which plays gently in the background. The class follows 7  steps including:  Move, Play, Stretch, Feel, Breath, Believe and Relax. For further information visit

Classes at Healing for Kids

Baby Mindful  0-6 months

This unique 7 step class has a slow pace, focusing on the connection between parent and baby, promoting calm, contentment and sleep. Parent and Baby have quality time together in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Private sessions available on request

Baby Mindful 6-12months

This class is currently unavailable



Parents comments and feedback

“it was a very relaxing class”

“my baby slept very well after the class!”

” I have really enjoyed spending quality time with my baby”


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