Energy healing is a holistic therapy in which I act a channel, enabling a high vibration of healing energy to flow 

Energy Healing

How can energy healing help ?

Life can be busy and challenging with many experiences and feelings to process. Energy healing helps the body’s natural healing processes, relieving emotional stress and promoting deep relaxation and well-being.

 What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a holistic therapy in which I act a channel, enabling healing energy to flow through myself to the child or person. Children tend to be very receptive to healing.

Learn how Energy Healing can help your child:

Your choices for healing

Healing for Kids venue

 Come to our venue at 20 Valleyfield Street Edinburgh and receive healing in a calm and relaxing environment. The premises has a variety of relaxation resources to help children feel comfortable and at ease.  I offer 30 minute and 1 hour sessions and require the child’s parent or carer to be in the room with me during the session.

Home visits

No need to rush your child out the door to travel to an appointment. You can arrange for a healing in the comfort of your own home. A visit will last 1 hour and I require the child’s parent or carer to be in the room with me during the healing session. A home visit is dependent location, as i do not drive.

Distance healing

This is equally powerful and can be given to children in any location in the world.  I focus on the recipient and their needs and send the healing to them. Distance healing lasts 30 minutes and is equally powerful.

Working with children and families

Communication with the parent/carer

I will ask the parent to share their concerns and what they hope their child to gain from the healing. You will do this  by completing a short form prior to the appointment. This will minimise the child overhearing sensitive information. A short phone conversation can be scheduled if preferred.

Getting to know the child

 Prior to the healing I will spend time getting to know the child to ensure that they are comfortable with me. This would be the time to share the purpose of the visit at an appropriate level for the child. I can provide  resources to help the child to feel calm and at ease with me.

Length of session

This will vary depending on the age and nature of the child. Younger children will often need a shorter session then an adult, typically between 20 and 30 minutes.

Flexible sessions 

I  provide a flexible, tailored approach: for example providing a session in which i give both a child and their parent/ carer healing.  I can also provide a unique combination of  a Relax kids class and energy healing. The Relax Kids approach will help a child from a high energy state to a state of calm and relaxation enhancing their receptiveness to healing.

Healing for Adults

Want to take time out and treat yourself, i offer healing for adults too.

Energy Healing is a Complementary therapy

Healing is not a replacement of conventional medicine or therapy, but can be very effective alongside it.  Where there are medical or psychological issues always seek conventional treatment first.

If you have any further questions, please contact me!