Energy healing for Babies

How can healing help your baby?

Healing can help babies with conditions such as colic, feeding, teething and reflux and can improve their sleep. It can benefit babies with a variety of health challenges by helping to reduce pain and discomfort, and accelerating the bodies natural healing process.

Healing can benefit a baby who is particularly sensitive or has experienced emotional upset, including challenges at birth. It promotes a sense of well-being and can help to balance emotions helping them to feel calmer. For a baby who has failure to thrive or is having eating difficulties, I can put healing energy into their drink or food.

How will I give healing to your baby?

You can come and see me at the venue in Tollcross, Edinburgh, or arrange a home visit. I can work in several ways depending on what works best for your baby. The baby could be in your arms while I place my hands on them or just above them and run the healing energy. Once the baby is familiar with me I can also hold them and run energy into them. Babies will often fall asleep while receiving the healing.

I can also put healing into the babies’ comforter, pillow or blanket to receive during sleep, and can send healing to them from a distance.

I will scan their energy field and help them to release anything which is no longer serving them.

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