Energy Healing for School Children

How can healing help your child?

Healing promotes a sense of well-being and enable children to release feelings of unhappiness, anger, worry and stress. It can help balance their emotions and calm excess mental activity, thereby reducing anxiety, stress and challenging behavior.

I can put healing into the child’s pillow, comforter or  toy to help them  relax, and get to sleep. To support transitions, i can put healing into a  soft toy which they take with them in their pocket. Healing can be put into food or drink to support challenges around health and nutrition.

A healing usually involves some physical contact with my hands , but i can also work at a distance from their body if they are not comfortable with this, or send distance healing.  I may be able to work towards physical contact by starting at their feet or hands and building up touch over a series of sessions.

How will I give healing to your child?

Come to see me at the venue in Tollcross, Edinburgh, or arrange a home visit.

Children can receive healing relaxing in a chair, on their parents knee or on the massage couch. At home they can lie on the sofa or their bed.  I can also run the energy to them as I sit in the same room, while they play or send healing to them from a distance. I can also offer a Relax Kids class as part of the session to help them to Relax before the healing.

Option to give the parent healing first:
If a child feels anxious about receiving healing, they could watch their parent receive a short healing first so they know what to expect. This means you both get some healing, and it can be included in the hour session.

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