Strengths: Jess goes to the person's house (no-one else is doing this sort of thing) and given how stressful school is, kids definitely need to relax/unwind. This is a natural way to reset the body.

Weaknesses: Can't see any. The first session was a wee bit long according to the children, but Jess took this feedback onboard and adjusted the length for the next sessions.


Maria 6, almost 7 years old: 

"Maria was incredibly relaxed during the healing (normally she cannot stay still) - I was pleasantly surprised how long she could lie down. She even fell asleep following her third healing!

Maria says that during the energy healing she felt very warm, happy and relaxed. After the session she was quieter for about half an hour maybe one hour. Maria says she felt nice, sleepy and calm.
She really enjoyed it a lot and keeps asking for more.

Maria received the energy healing to calm a little and concentrate better. Since the healing she has jumped 2 stages in reading at school (before it took us more than a month of work). She doesn't complain anymore by the hour she has to do any homework (math, reading, writing). We struggled a lot to start anything more involving before. Now she is starting these by herself without any problems. Maria is finishing many of her personal tasks at school in time. Before she hardly finished any or she had to be helped by someone to sort out her thoughts."

Read about the 'Healing for Kids' experience from a mother and her two children:

MRS DONAL: "Jess has a lovely, smiley, calm personality, who works well with my children who take to her. She was most respectful entering our home.

The children nor I had not done Reiki before, but Jess put us all at ease and explained what was involved. She also she asked me, privately, on what area I would like to focus the children's healing on for their benefits; I asked for their general health, happiness and a good night's sleep."

Here's the children's feedback of what Reiki was like at the end of one of their sessions:

ELLA, (age 6): 

'I felt good before. And after the healing I felt good but dizzy.
It's a feeling I like, and then I felt thirsty.'

'Best thing is it's got really relaxing music.'

'Worst is at first time it was too long but then it got shorter so that was ok.'

NIAL, (age 8): 

'I felt annoyed at my mum who wouldn't give me a yoyo before we started. After I felt like I was relaxed and I didn't feel so angry anymore.'

'Best is it's not too long so you don't get bored.'

'Worst is it felt strange having hands on my face at first but then I got used to it.'


MRS DONAL: 'I noticed that the children seemed to be relaxed after the session and a bit thirsty, hungry as well. After a stressful week of school, it was nice to know they were doing something healing/relaxing for their bodies with Jess.

Next time I might book a session for myself!'

Katy Age 2.5

'I am Happy Jess is coming to my house, I am looking forward to seeing Jess

I like Jess's books, Jess is very nice'

"I really appreciate the time Jess dedicated to my daughter coming to my place and giving her healing sessions. It was reassuring to allow my child to be held physically and energetically also by another person as Jess who I can trust and I know she will do good to my daughter. I felt that the session was beneficial also for myself.

Jess had props (soft objects, stones, crystals) and she used stories with audio to keep Katy happy while giving the session. I notice Katy was more self-reflective and quiet after the last two sessions. After the first one I could not notice any difference."

Heather Age 4

'I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the healing you have done for us.

I think that at first, Heather was a bit cautious and perhaps not as open to the healing, however at the last session, she seemed to be receiving it rather well.

Your resources are amazing and your energy is very soothing. It helped me to feel relaxed as well Heather absolutely enjoyed the books, music etc.

The main thing I wanted healed was our communication as it was lacking and I resorted to raising my voice a lot. Since your healing, Heather seems to be more open to listening and processing. Our communication seems to have improved a lot. 🙂 '