Energy healing for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

How can healing help your child?

Healing  promotes a sense of well-being and can help to let go of feelings of unhappiness, anger, worry and stress. It can balance emotions and calm excess mental activity, helping them to feel calmer. Healing help with difficulties such as s sleep, temper tantrums and managing transitions.

I can put a healing into the child’s pillow, comforter or toy to help them to relax or sleep. I can put energy into a  soft toy which they take to nursery  in their pocket to support transition. Healing can put into food to support health and nutritional challenges.

A healing usually involves some physical contact with my hands , but i can also work at a distance from their body if they are not comfortable with this, or send distance healing. I may be able to work towards physical contact by starting at their feet or hands and building up touch over a series of sessions.

How will I give healing to your child?

You can come to Healing for Kids in Tollcross, Edinburgh, or arrange for me to come to your home. Children can can sit on their parents’ lap or on a chair, listening to an audio story or relaxing music while I give the healing. They can also lie on the massage couch.

In thier home i can give healing as they lie and relax or sleep on their bed or run the energy to them as I sit in the same room as them while they play, or send healing to them from a distance.

Depending on your child's age i can also introduce a short Relax Kids class into the session to help them relax before the healing.

Option to give the parent healing first:
Some young children will respond better if they see their parent receive a short healing first as they will know what to expect. This may enable them to lie down as they will want to copy their parent. This enables both of you to get a healing and can be included in the hour session.


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