Relax Kids


About Relax Kids Classes

Relax kids is a franchise, and a leading provider of training, classes and resources in the field of relaxation.

The classes follow 7 steps which take children from a high energy state, to calm and relaxed and are all creatively based on a  theme. For further information visit

I am trained as a Relax Kids coach and run several  community classes  in which parent and child participate together, although private sessions are also available. If a child wants to take time out from the class, i have relaxing resources including a slinky, squeeze balls and self-massage materials available.

I offer a free taster session to anyone new who would like to try out the class.

How can Relax Kids Classes help you and your child

A Relax Kids class can help your child become aware of their feelings and emotions, and how to manage these and self-regulate.  They also help children cope with stress and anxiety, improve school performance and behavior and  boost their self-esteem and confidence.  Additionally, these fun and imaginative classes develop children’s creativity, imagination and self-expression.

Classes at Healing for Kids Holistic Centre Edinburgh

Little stars

This class is specifically designed for younger children and is most suited to children age 3-5. The class is 45 minutes long, including time to get settled as well as time for a little art at the end of the class. Little stars classes typically start with a story in order to introduce the children to the theme.

Magical adventures

This class is suited to primary school age children between 5 and 9 years old and lasts for 1 hour including time to get settled, and usually a little art at the end of the class.

Combined Relax Kids and Energy Healing

This is a 1 hour private session which offers a combination of Relax Kids and Healing. I start with a Relax kids session in order to help your child to relax, thereby increasing their receptiveness to the healing.

The seven steps of a Relax Kids Class

  1.  Move is a fun and energetic warm up
  2.  Play includes fun and active games and activities
  3.  Stretch uses postures taken from yoga, as the pace of the class begins to slow
  4. Feel  parent and child pair up and use simple massage strokes on each other, deepening their bond. Alternatively, one can use the self-massage tools available.
  5.  Breath experience different ways of breathing and connecting to the breath creatively
  6.  Believe affirmations to promote positivity and boost self-esteem and confidence
  7.  Relax get comfortable and let go to experience guided visualizations for relaxation and peace. Cuddly toys, mats and blankets are available to enhance the experience.